Ideas and inspiration to create your high-vibe life.

Take your messy, crazy life and turn it into one you actually want to show up for!

Your sign.

Creating a high-vibe life. Sounds pretty amazing, right? But creating that pinch-me! kind of life doesn’t just happen overnight. It isn’t that easy. We know that because we’ve dedicated years to learning about how to change our lives (for the better). Now we want to share that with you.

You can take your messy, crazy life and turn it into one you actually want to show up for. If this idea makes you a little bit nervous and a lot excited, consider this the sign you’ve been waiting for.

What we do.

Come as you are.

Our events offer an inclusive community that uplifts your authenticity. Soulaia connects you to hear-led belonging, online and IRL – every week.

Connect from within.

Go deeper with personalized 1:1 support from our team of high-vibe holistic practitioners from an all-encompassing upgrade to your wellness rituals.

Uplift your world.

Take off on a transformative heart + mind journey, your way, with the learning to empower you to radiate purpose and impact the collective.

About Us

We’re SOULAIA. Five women/besties/soul searchers who were brought together by something pretty special: a pair of magical, traveling pants (just kidding). What actually brought us together was a shared vision of a life that is 100% ours to create and a world full of other like-minded, badass women who believe they can do the same.

Our blog

How To Speak Your Truth Without Getting Cancelled

Don’t lie, say what you think. But do it with love, compassion and respect and make it your intention to share it wrapped up as your real concern for the person and your friendship. How do you do this when you feel so passionate about the issue, when you’ve done your research, when you’re so connected to your truth and when the whole freaking thing is impacting every aspect of your life and you can’t get away from it?

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