To us, wellness means so much more than green juice, yoga pants, and barre classes. Don’t get us wrong- taking care of our bodies by eating right and staying strong is extremely important to living our best lives.

But some essential aspects of wellness, like community and connection, are barely considered any more. These aspects were just as vital to our ancestor’s wellness as finding good food and keeping active. And guess what? Back in the day, we were a part of the natural world. The great outdoors wasn’t something we could avoid if we didn’t fancy the weather. We’ve lost sight of this.

In an age of social media we say “let’s kick it old school!”

For a truly vitality-filled life, we believe in dedicating just as much time to meal prepping and getting our sweat on as we do to reconnecting to the outdoors and spending quality time with fam- chosen and otherwise.

So, call up your pals, leave your phones in the car, bring along some healthy snacks (we’ve got you covered for recipes!) and head into the backcountry for some quality time where we’ve always belonged.

You’ll feel better in no time.

Get inspired below with blogs on everything from our original recipes, to the importance of play, ideas for connecting with friends sans social media, and how to bring nature indoors to finally make house feel like home.



Got wellness goals but don’t know where to start? Good nutrition can positively impact everything from bloating and brain fog to skin issues and chronic health conditions. And, it’s THE most important factor in weight loss. But how can you cut through the hype and misinformation? Luckily, our certified holistic nutrition coach Emily is here for you, girl. Together you will work one-on-one to address your main concerns and receive the personalized nutrition coaching and meal planning you need to make your wellness dreams a reality. Sound like something you’re interested in? Schedule a free 15 minute consultation here to see if working with Emily is best for you.


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