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Change the trajectory of your life, one Tuesday at a time!

A not-so-scary meetup to help you find your superpowers, turn stress into motivation, create your own reality and achieve your goals (big and small).

Join us on the first Tuesday of every month at the brand new YW Hub in Inglewood where we’ll cover life-altering topics (with guest speakers!! 😮), set intentions, check in on each other’s progress, support each other, have fun, and enjoy some delicious and nutritious treats!

Each meet-up will cover a stand-alone topic so you can come as regularly, or not, as you want!
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All Tribe Tuesdays have been moved online due to Covid-19.

Upcoming Tribe Tuesday

May 18 – Vision Boarding Pt. 1: Creating the Vision

May 25 – Vision Boarding Pt. 2: Making it Happen


Come get creative with us as we explore the manifestation magic of vision boarding in this (optional) two-part session. In session one, we’ll lay the foundation. Through an an interactive self-reflection-based session, you’ll become crystal clear on your vision for the future and learn about the basics of manifestation to take it from dream life to reality. In session 2, we’ll get creative and actually make our vision boards together. Think of it as a virtual girls night 😉 Bring your crafting materials! This is going to be a fun one.

Price: Free for members, $10 for everyone else.

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