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A not-so-scary meetup to help you find your superpowers, turn stress into motivation, create your own reality and achieve your goals (big and small).

Join us on the first Tuesday of every month at the brand new YW Hub in Inglewood where we’ll cover life-altering topics (with guest speakers!! 😮), set intentions, check in on each other’s progress, support each other, have fun, and enjoy some delicious and nutritious treats!

Each meet-up will cover a stand-alone topic so you can come as regularly, or not, as you want!
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In-Person Tribe Tuesdays are Back! See below for more details.

January 2021 Tribe Tuesday

Topic: Come unwind with us our fireside “un-party”! Get cozy and come hang out, eat some delicious treats and enjoy some warming elixirs with us around the fire. This little “un-party” will be a super fun way to ring in the new year with the tribe, without having to get all glammed up.

When: Tuesday, January 5, 2021, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

Where: Soulaia HQ

Price: $25 dollars in advance. Please book in advance to secure your spot!

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I have had the pleasure of being apart of all Soulaia’s online webinars since the beginning of social distancing and it has been a MAJOR factor in keeping my sanity and quite frankly changing my life  in a time we need it most.The programmes created help from anything to inner self talk (who doesn’t have that annoying critic that takes you away from the present?) to making profound changes in my life through discussion of the hand selected books in weekly book club that are very fitting for the current world events! There’s something for everyone, and from personal experience there isn’t a programme I wouldn’t recommend. These wonderful women have donated their time and resources at no cost and I think that’s the most beautiful way to give to the community. I feel so happy to have a tribe that doubles as my soul family and shares their knowledge to help people succeed and feel grounded in these anxious times. 10/10!!!



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