The Rise of the Divine Feminine

by | Mar 7, 2020 | Personal Growth, Self Awareness, Soul Care

The Dalai Lama said “the world will be rescued by western women”. I have pondered this statement often and all of the tangential thoughts that come with it. Western women rescuing the world, that is powerful stuff. Is this the rise of the Power of the Divine Feminine? And how can that change the world?

Energetic traits of the Divine Feminine include kindness, empathy, vulnerability, humility, patience, collaboration, inclusiveness, creativity, wisdom, magic, adaptiveness, love, and intuition. It is fierce unapologetic power… not power over, but power from within- empowerment. The Divine Feminine knows it is innately valuable, and when we are connected to this power we know that just by virtue of being here our worth is infinite. The Divine Feminine is deeply grounded and lives from intuitive wisdom.

The energetic counterpart to the Divine Feminine is the Divine Masculine. This supportive and foundational energy is also logical, in service, solid, accepting, stable, grounded, focused, confident, and protective. It is safe, steadfast, and non-judgemental. The Divine Feminine and Masculine are not gender specific. To feel balanced in life, an appropriate mix of both of these states will vary from person to person. It is also important to recognize that the Divine versions of these archetypes are very different than the societal perceptions or labels of the feminine/masculine, male/female. We all know what those versions look like.

Divine Feminine

An analogy that can help us understand the two powers is to look at the relationship between the Earth and the Sun. Mother Earth, the Divine Feminine, is the power of creativity in motion. Beautiful, adaptive, wise, harmonious (when humans get out of the way), loving, inclusive, and fiercely powerful. 

The Sun, the Divine Masculine, shines on Mother Earth no matter what the Earth does.  It is a fuel for life. The Earth cannot create without the sun. The Sun is not the creator, but it is a foundational piece to creation. The Sun does not question, control, or judge the Earth, it just steadfastly supports the Earth, in all her creative genius and never stops shining. Let’s focus on the Divine Feminine, how to access and embody it. 

For me, the two foundational pieces are grounding and intuition. Grounding is so powerful because it connects us with ourselves and immerses us in Mother Earth, the Divine Feminine.  Intuition is connecting with our inner knowing, our gut. Grounding is a practice of bringing our awareness and focus out of our heads and into the core of our bodies, connecting with the Earth, and dropping into a state of peace. There are many ways to ground. I like to place my hands on my belly and breathe as if I am inhaling and exhaling directly through my belly, bringing my focus to the space inside my belly. I let my thoughts and emotions drop into that space. Next, I move down and repeat this for the root chakra. Then I let my awareness move down into the Earth and the energy of the Earth rise up into my body.

When we are deeply grounded we can become wholly present in our bodies and can begin to listen to the language of our body. That is where the intuitive wisdom shows up, not in the racing thoughts of our mind and fear-inspired logic. Most of us live in a fear driven mind and are motivated to make choices out of fear. We are afraid of what will happen if we don’t do something and afraid of what will happen if we do something. When we ground and immerse ourselves in the Earth, we step out of fear and into truth.  We connect with our power, and the power of the Earth. Our value and worth becomes clear. We learn to hear the wisdom and intuitive knowing that shows up through the language of our bodies. 

Our bodies have responses, a language, for all emotions and states of being. 

Think about how your body feels when you are angry, scared, in dread, excited, happy, relieved, or content. When you think of advocating for yourself does your throat constrict? When you are scared do you feel a pit in your stomach? When you are sad does your heart hurt? When you are excited are there butterflies in your stomach?  When you are happy do your feet feel like dancing?  When you are relieved does all the tension leave your body? 

A great exercise is to run through a series of emotions and see how your body responds to each. When we are grounded, and we pay attention to how our body feels and responds in any given situation, we are listening to our inner knowing, our intuition. Given this is a world where we are taught to think logically, we more often than not, override that inner knowing, and try to find rational answers.

This is an interesting practice to experiment with and to see what shows up for you.  

Think about a situation in your life in which you are looking for guidance. Write down two different statements: One a ‘yes statement’, one a ‘no statement’.

For example:

Statement 1 is ‘I am going to take the new job’.

Statement 2 is ‘I am not going to take the new job’.

Now ground, deeply, to a point where you feel your body relaxing into peace. Say statement 1 to yourself, and pay attention to how your body feels… is there tension in your shoulders, tightening in your throat, a pit in your stomach?  Is there relief in your muscles, excitement in your belly, happiness in your heart? Practice listening to your body, not your mind or your thoughts. Now say statement 2 to yourself and listen to your body.What showed up with each statement? Compare the two. Sometimes you can feel relieved and know it is the right choice, and still feel sad or disappointed.

Divine Masculine

It is empowering to be aware and guided by a grounded knowing instead of making disempowering choices from fear. When the Divine Feminine is given the space to offer her intuitive wisdom and is supported by the Divine Masculine, tangible solutions to world wide problems are made real. A study by the Council of Foreign Relations highlights some very interesting statistics around the power of the Divine Feminine in peace making processes. ¹


  • Participation of civil society groups, including women’s organizations, makes a peace agreement 64% less likely to fail. 
  • When women participate in peace processes, the resulting agreement is 35% more likely to last at least 15 years. 
  • Higher levels of gender equality are associated with a lower propensity for conflict, both between and within states.
  • Women’s participation in conflict prevention and resolution can improve outcomes before, during, and after conflict. Despite women’s critical contributions, their representation in peace processes has lagged. 
  • In Major Peace Processes from 1992–2018: Women only made up 3 percent of mediators, 4 percent of signatories and 13 percent of negotiators. 

When a woman is in her power, the Divine Feminine rises, and she is unstoppable. She does not stand for injustice or abuse and rallies for the downtrodden, the underserved, and the neglected. This rallying starts with loving and standing up for herself. Her persuasion is not through force, control, exclusion, overpowering, or fear. Her power is love, empowerment, and inclusion. It is about exposing untruths, standing up for what is good and true, standing up for the value of every human being, the value of Mother Earth, the value of every animal, and understanding human rights and individual beliefs, even if in opposition to our own.

This does not have to happen on a global scale. When we stand up and advocate for ourselves, someone else, the hungry child in school, the abandoned pet, a community need for recycling or composting, or wherever your passion or love lies, we are changing the world. It means we stop being silent in the face of injustice, and shine in the light of love, even if that is just for ourselves, to ourselves. That is how we change the world: one self-honouring person at a time.

The Divine Feminine will no longer allow us to be ruled by fear. We can longer be afraid of what other people will think, afraid to create conflict, afraid that someone won’t like you or be mad at you. The Divine Feminine reigns in love, by loving ourselves enough to know what we deserve. We deserve to be respected, to be honoured, to be treated with kindness, and in turn we understand that that is how everyone and everything deserves to be treated. Even those that make us angry, have different beliefs and perspectives, even those that have wronged us. 

We stand up for ourselves and for every other being. This is the Divine Feminine live and in person! 

The Divine Feminine in action. When we live in our Divine Feminine in balance with our Divine Masculine, we are in peace, we are in love, and we are on purpose. Let’s embrace the Divine Feminine, all of its power and love, and prove the Dalai Lama right.



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