If you’re in need of an escape or just feeling like you’re ready for a deep dive, our retreats are the answer.

Our retreats are specially created and designed to help you achieve rapid transformation in stunning natural settings. These multi-day immersions take you deep inside yourself. Explore advanced concepts of consciousness and energy and how to practice and apply them. 

Your days will be filled with a combination of group learning and application and private sessions that will facilitate your own exploration of your unique circumstances and interests.  Spend your evenings connecting at our epic social events or exploring, star-gazing, and pondering on your own or with a friend or two.

Our retreat locations are chosen based on their natural beauty and comfort and we vary them to offer good proximity around the country to make them accessible to everyone.  We’re sure we have one close to you.

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Thanks to the Soulaia retreat, I have learned some skills to calm myself inside. I’ve learned better meditation techniques and I appreciated the overall message for the weekend which was to do the work necessary to be kinder to myself.
It was a very good reminder that we are all struggling with life’s challenges and that there are a variety of ways to cope and make our own day to day lives better.
I’d definitely recommend a Soulaia retreat, not only for the “feel good” benefits but because it feels so empowering to step outside of our comfort zones and learn new things.
Thank you, thank you, thank you. This retreat came at a perfect time for me and has energized me for going forward.

The Soulaia retreat I attended was geared towards a healthy mind, body and soul. The concepts presented were quite powerful in the moment and I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about them since then. I can honestly say that it’s helped me to see my body in a new light, and for this…..I am grateful! My new appreciation for my body and what it’s done for me……not ONLY what it hasn’t, has led to some serious thoughts about being a little kinder to my body as well as give it the love it deserves.

I would definitely recommend a Soulaia retreat. The retreat was a very positive experience. The Soulaia team did a great job in their choices for location, group and personal sessions, practitioners, topics, scheduling, and accommodations and meals.

Let’s Be Soul-sisters

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