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Emily’s passion is to inspire others to live the life they love. She believes in the healing power of a walk in nature and that humour – or a good matcha-latte – may be the antidote to almost anything. Emily is a certified holistic nutrition coach and has a B.Sc. in geology and physics. She’s also certified in sound therapy and level II Karuna Reiki. During a semester abroad in Spain, Emily spent her days working in a hydrology lab researching natural methods of removing contaminants from farming soil and spent her nights practicing Spanish and falling in love with flamenco. Emily considers herself a world explorer, nature lover, cinephile, bookworm, and goofball. Her life philosophy is to be kind, be curious, and always trust your gut..



Kalie is a take-no-prisoners, tell-no-lies kind of woman. Underneath that steely veneer hides a gold heart. Her teenage enthusiasm for the Chicken Soup For The Soul series and Tuesdays with Morrie betray her true nature. A student of culture, Kalie’s passions are dance, business, and telling you what’s what. She has a BA in Communication and a Public Relations certificate which she uses every day in her work with Soulaia. She is an award-winning dance instructor and has been an 8-year performer and brand ambassador for The Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation, with the CFL and NLL sports teams where she has committed 200+ hours of volunteering. Kalie’s passion for teaching goes beyond dance. She loves to inform and inspire her peers to live a clean, happy, and purposeful life.



Madison is a Registered Nurse and is in her second year of training to become an Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner. Her dream is to empower women to live a healthy, informed, and love-filled life. Her life’s purpose of healing is fulfilled by working both in the medical surgical services and one-on-one with energy medicine clients. Maddie compliments her western medical training with a keen interest in alternative modalities. If she’s not at the hospital, you can find Maddie cuddling babies or prepping gut-friendly food. She is passionate about natural and organic everything, including coffee, chocolate and wine. This book-loving, beach-going, kombucha-drinking gal has recently embarked on a journey of purpose, consciousness and gratitude.



Having grown up in Northern Manitoba and spending copious amounts of time in the middle of nowhere at her family’s wilderness lodges, Raynie developed an enduring love for nature at a young age. Most of her childhood, she couldn’t be kept inside.

Raynie started dancing at a very young age, and has loved the art her entire life, even pursuing a professional dance career in the CFL and NLL. She now completing her final year of business school focusing on public relations and marketing. Raynie is certified in makeup artistry and is passionate about educating her clients about the importance of using natural skincare and makeup. She loves to create beautiful things and express her love for nature, the world, and the people in it. Raynie wants to inspire women everywhere to tap into their own natural inner and outer beauty.



Toni is a young-at-heart (and not THAT old) lover of life who lives to share information and ideas that inspire women to create alchemy in their own lives. A lifelong learner, Toni is currently doing a deep dive into purpose and consciousness. Also a serial entrepreneur, Toni’s most recent endeavoUr has been in the field of transformational travel where she is CEO of a sustainable adventure travel company. Toni is passionate about empowering women both in their personal and professional lives, and does so as a life coach and Certified Myers Briggs Practitioner. Toni loves Salsa (the dancing kind), her own coffee, and organic red wine. Born and raised in a remote northern, Canadian town with no road in or out, Toni now lives on the edge of a provincial park (in a city!) and hikes or bikes in nature daily to feed her soul.

The journey began here…

Hi, I’m Toni and together with Emily, Kalie, Madison, and Raynie, we’re Soulaia. Five women based in Calgary, Alberta who are friends, family, and soul sisters. We’ve come together with a purpose. To create a place for soul care, for growth and for self-love. We’re seeing a generation of young women and girls with high levels of anxiety and far too many health and life concerns. Because we’re just like you, we know what it’s like to feel uncertain and a little lost in life. It sucks, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We know what needs to change. But how do we change it? I’ve had a long (but not that long ;-)) journey of personal development that has included creating a self-care routine, meditation, mindfulness, soul care, finding my purpose, holistic health and wellness and a natural, organic beauty focus. Through this, I’ve really created the life of my dreams. I was always asking myself “how can I share this with my people?” Well, I knew how to share it, but it was sharing it without receiving eye rolls that was the challenge. I learned that a great way to avoid being on the receiving end of their eye rolls or blank stares was to email the information, a link from something online, so they weren’t “actually” hearing it from me. Haha, tricked them! Sometimes they’d even read it.
Understand that this was curated content, this information was written by popular thought-leaders and bad-ass women. It was going well until it became an everyday thing. At which point, Madison (my middle daughter) jokingly asked “why don’t you just do a power-point presentation for us once a month and save us reading all these emails?”. Instead, I decided to do something even more drastic. I set up a weekend retreat. This retreat was the brainchild of me and my cousin/sister-in-soul-care Trish who herself has five (yes five), daughters. We pooled those girls, invited some amazing practitioners we’d met along our journeys, and headed to the mountains. The girls had a full weekend of immersion into ideas like energy healing, self-compassion, the power of creative visualization, and the importance of a self-care plan. It struck a chord in all of them. Haha, got them! They were so charged up with self-loving, soul-caring, energetic power that we decided together to make this happen for as many women as we possibly could. Soulaia was born! Now you can join us and discover a deep connection to yourself and your soul, the earth, and the universe. Sound daunting? We promise it’s not! We know because, like I said, we did it first! If you think this might be for you, sign up for our weekly emails where we share life-changing information curated for the people we love. Also, have a look at our events section so you can see what we’re doing and how you can come do it with us.

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