Soulaia memberships!

Hello Sisters!

We are super excited to tell you about our Soulaia membership offers. We have absolutely loved seeing so many of you on our Interactive Zoom Series and we have so many great ideas for more series going forward and ways we can hang together and continue to grow together.

We’ve had amazing feedback on all of the series and sessions that we have created this year, like our Self-talk series, our Happy Health Hormones series, our book club, and our Find Yourself series. We’ve also heard how much our tribe has loved the series that we’ve brought in featuring other practitioners like Astrology Fundamentals and Awakening Intuition.

To that end, we wanted to give you these options for continuing to connect with us and with each other and to become “official” members of the Soulaia tribe.

Pricing and packages


  • Full Midweek Motivation series (52 a year) OR one Tribe Tuesday Zoom call per month for a year
  • Option to attend any online Tribe Tuesdays or Interactive Zoom Series for $5 per session


Cost: $59/year  (value $104/year)


  • Full Midweek Motivation series – 52 a year
  • One Tribe Tuesday Zoom call per month for a year
  • One free interactive Zoom series per year
  • Discounted practitioner access in that year (15%)
  • Option to attend any online Tribe Tuesdays or Interactive Zoom Series for $5 per session


Cost: $119/year  (value $264/year)


  • Full Midweek Motivation series – 52 a year
  • Full Zoom access (all Tribe Tuesday Zoom calls (approx. 32 per year plus 20 interactive Zoom series session spread out over the course of one year, including replays if you miss any)
  • Discounted practitioner access in that year (15%)


cost: $299/year  (value $744/year)

Our Tribe Tuesday Zoom events will average two or three per month, depending on the month and will cover a range of inspiring and motivating topics as one-off sessions.  That way, there is not a commitment to a series but still regular opportunities to connect and grow.

Our Zoom series events will generally be a three or four-part series, we will offer four to six series per year that will be 20 sessions in total if you attend all the sessions of all the series. Some examples of the topics we’ll cover in these series are:

  • Everything Astrology
  • Real Relationships
  • The Ten Bodies
  • Nutrition For The Mind
  • Nutrition For The Body
  • Your Inner Child
  • Developing Intuition
  • Ego and Self
  • Resilience
  • The Power of Intentions
  • Energy and You
  • Modern Feminism
  • and SO MUCH more!

We need you to know that we understand that many of us aren’t as financially stable as we’d like to be right now and we want to be as accessible to all of you as we possibly can be. To that end, if you would like to participate with a membership but don’t have the means to pay the full amount, please reach out to us at We really want you in our tribe and will work with you to make it affordable for you.

P.S. we will be starting in-person events as soon as we are able. These will be more dynamic and probably more fun than the Zoom calls and we will actually get to hang out and get to know each other!!! You’ll be the first to know when we can make those happen.


To illustrate the savings of membership, a VIP membership costs less than $25.00 per month. Some months will have more going on and others will be more laid back, but the value or each month will always be greater than $25.00 per month! Based on our calendar, the value of select months session’s are:  

Non-Member Online Event Pricing

All Zoom Sessions

$10 per session

Midweek Motivation

$2 per session

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