FIND Your Soul

FIND your soul

Date: TBD

Location: North Knife Lake

Join us for a true urban detox at the stunning North Knife Lake Lodge for four days and three nights of self-discovery.

Find out what it means to be conscious and begin to explore the science of energy, abundance, intuition, and manifestation.  Learn expert-techniques on how to use journaling to create a clear vision for your future. Harness the power of gratitude, kindness, compassion, and the science of heart coherence for physical and emotional health. 

Begin to uncover your purpose. Become who you are meant to be.

Psst-- Have you heard?

We get that money is tight for a lot of people right now, for many different reasons. But you should still have the option of investing in yourself and attending one of our fun and transformative events.

Which is why we are pleased to announce we are now offering payment plans!

It’s simple: pay two or three bi-weekly installments prior to the event you wish to attend. Click the button below for more info and/or to get started with your payment plan.

Let's be soul-sisters!

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