Certified Holistic Nutritional Consulting



Hi, I’m Emily!

And I LOVE FOOD. But I believe there’s SO much more to feeling good than the food with which we choose to fuel our bodies. 

When, where, and with whom we eat can play a huge part in our well being. Sleep, movement, mind set, and exposure to toxins are also equally important factors to consider when it comes to optimizing health and vitality! As a holistic nutrition consultant, it’s my job (and passion) to look at the WHOLE picture.

So whether you’re dealing with acne, bloating, brain fog, or a chronic health condition (and anything in between), we can work one-on-one to look at the whole picture, determine root causes, and help you become the best version of yourself. 

I’ll be your personalized nutrition coach, meal plan guru, Sunday food prep pal, and accountability buddy. Let’s make your wellness dreams a reality!

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Pricing and packages


90-minute initial assessment. You’ll receive a personalized blueprint to optimize your five pillars of health (nutrition, sleep, movement, mind set, and exposure) with an action plan, an explanation of the root causes behind your particular health concerns, and an in depth nutritional and supplement protocol with a meal plan customized to your preferences (recipes included).



this package includes the 90-minute initial assessment above plus two 60-minute follow up meetings (spread out over three to four months) to monitor and evaluate progress,  reassess goals, and make any necessary changes to your blueprint and meal plan.



this package includes the 90-minute initial assessment above plus five 60-minute follow up meetings (spread out over at least six months) to monitor and evaluate progress,  reassess goals, and make necessary changes to blueprint and meal plan as needed.


Other fun possible additions to your nutrition coaching:

Grocery store or farmers market tour

Meal prep and/or healthy kitchen tools & techniques session

Ancestral and/or genome-specific nutrition assessment


If anything in this list tickles your fancy, let’s chat about it and see how we can make your nutrition package as PERFECT for you as possible!



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